The parks section maintains approximately 45 acres of parks, green spaces, and trees. A map of the complete park system can be viewed here.

Park Rules & Regulations

Click here to see the various park rules and regulations. If you have further questions please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 614-488-3111.

Click here for pet rules within the city and a map of pet-friendly parks.

 Name of Grandview Heights Park 

 Burr Avenue Park** 
 850 Burr Ave.
 C Ray Buck Park 
 1280 Goodale Blvd.
 First Avenue Park**   850 First Ave. 
 Goodale Green Space west of Urlin**   Goodale and Urlin
 Grandview Center   1515 Goodale Blvd. 
 Grandview Heights Memorial Park**  1135 W Second Ave
 McKinley Park  1661 Goodale Blvd. 
 Parkway Mini Park  1139 Parkway Dr. North
 Parkway Park**
 1115 Oxley Road
 Pierce Field   1080 W 1st Avenue
 Urlin Tennis Courts  1755 Goodale Blvd. 
 Virginia Ave. Park  1227 Parkway Drive
 Wallace Gardens**
1581 Goodale Blvd. 
 Wyman Woods 1520 Goodale Blvd. 
 Yard Street Green Space**   785 Yard Street 
** Pet friendly park **Pets must be kept under control and their waste picked up.