Division Services

The Grandview Heights Division of Police is comprised of 14 sworn officers, 2 detectives, 5 sergeants, 4 full-time communications coordinators, several support staff members and auxiliary officers commanded by Chief Ryan Starns.

The mission of the Division of Police is to serve and protect the community by providing quality law enforcement services. Members of the Division work proactively to reduce criminal activity, investigate unusual circumstances, enforce traffic laws, and improve conditions in an effort to provide a safe community making Grandview Heights a desirable place to live and work. In addition, officers engage with local schools, businesses, and organizations to provide insight and education in a partnership aimed at building a strong community.

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Vacation House Watch 
Ride Along Program
Employment Opportunities 
Lost/Stolen/Confiscated Property
Motor Vehicle Impound Information
Public Information Officer
Special Duty Requests

Contact the Division of Police at (614) 488-7901.