Fire Suppression

During A Fire

Skilled firefighters, paramedics, and incident managers respond to the scene of every reported fire. The Fire Division:

  • Coordinates with fire departments in surrounding communities
  • Contains and extinguishes the fire
  • Rescues entrapped occupants
  • Prevent further harm to the structure, contents, and citizens

The Grandview Heights Fire Division was the first agency in central Ohio to install a Class A, fire-fighting foam system for structure fires. State of the art fire-fighting tools along with aggressive code enforcement and well-educated citizens allow Grandview Heights one of the lowest fire-loss rates in Franklin County.

After A Fire

Efforts are made to put the occupant in contact with assisting agencies. Investigators from the Fire Investigation Team may be summoned to determine the cause of the fire. If the fire has a suspicious nature, a task force will be created to investigate the crime and prepare a case for prosecution. This task force may have representatives from the following agencies:

  • Grandview Heights Fire Division
  • Grandview Heights Police Division
  • Northwest Area Strike Team - Fire Investigation Committee
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  • Insurance company investigators
  • Franklin County Prosecutor's Office

Fire Training 4