Special Duty Requests

Special Duty refers to the hiring of an off-duty police officer(s) for security, traffic control, or escorts.

Types of special duty requests: 

• Security – Providing security and maintaining order at various events and businesses

• Traffic Control – Directing and facilitating traffic flow at various events and construction sites

• Escorts – Escorting the transportation of heavy or over-sized equipment where a City or State permit is required. Escorting parades, tour buses, vehicles carrying athletic teams, officials, or famous personalities. The Grandview Heights Division of Police does not generally perform funeral escorts. 

Special duty officers are primarily hired to maintain order, provide security, facilitate traffic flow, and take action against violations of the law. The Grandview Heights Division of Police does not accept requests to assign a specific officer to a particular event or assignment. Special duty assignments will not be performed where duty conflicts with established policies set by the Grandview Heights Division of Police. 

To request a special duty officer, please complete the Special Duty Request FormTo request a Police Officer for special duty, please submit the following information. Please note all approved requests require a minimum of 3 hours. Requests may be denied for any reason and request submittals do not constitute approval. You may be contacted for additional information and will be notified if your request is approved. Requests need to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the need. For any requests being made within 7 days of your event, please contact the Division at (614) 488-7901 and ask to speak with Officer Hiles or Beth Sisinger. The 2023 rate is $58/hour per officer with a 3-hour minimum. Effective January 1, 2024, the special duty rate will be $60/hour per officer with a 3-hour minimum.