Grandview Heights TreePlotter

As a Tree City USA community, we know how important trees are to our residents. The Parks & Recreation Department is pleased to offer TreePlotter, a cloud based software program with benefits for both staff and residents. This program will allow staff to keep an updated inventory of all trees, track work completed by staff or contractors, and monitor tree health to mitigate any potential risks. Residents are now able to submit tree requests for the City to inspect and perform work on trees of concern, via the TreePlotter website. 

Curious about the trees where you live? Click to learn more about today (works best when using Chrome or Safari)!


  • Inventory tracking software to manage street tree and parkland assets, including associated sidewalks
  • Software allows us to track work completed by staff or contractors
  • Provides residents with an ecological benefit of the asset in front of their residence and a cumulative benefit for all assets managed by City
  • Easy to update and inspect current inventory
  • Provides residents with a means to quickly and easily communicate requests to have City inspect and perform necessary work on assets with potential concerns
  • Allows us to continually monitor and update tree health and mitigate risk concerns
  • Helps City identify possible reforestation areas to increase urban canopy cover and grow urban forest
  • User friendly and simple interface; data collected is owned by City; easily shared with collaborative partners in the city (i.e. library going to house memorial tree locations)

How to Submit a Request

Submit Tree Requests
How to Submit Request 

  1. Navigate to Tree Plotter at this URL:
  2. In top right corner click REQUEST – you will not be able to LOG IN
  3. Complete the SERVICE REQUEST form
    1. Provide as much information as you can
  1.  PRIMARY CONCERN drop down list
  2.  Add Comments about your concern
  3.  Upload PHOTOS that you may have taken of the issue
  4.  Provide the ADDRESS of the where complaint is located
  5.  Provide your NAME and ADDRESS if different than where complaint is located
  6.  Provide your EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE number
  1. Click NEXT – Do not click SUBMIT at this time 
  2. On this form, click LINK
    1. Under METHOD, use drop down to select a single POINT or MULTIPLE POINTS if more than one asset is in need of service
    2. Click Check Box(es) next to requested asset(s)
  3. Check I’M NOT A ROBOT box
  4. Hit SUBMIT button