Division of Police

The Grandview Heights Division of Police patrols the City of Grandview Heights and also provides police services to the Village of Marble Cliff. The City of Grandview Heights and Village of Marble Cliff are located in central Ohio, just west of downtown Columbus

Division services are commanded by Police Chief Ryan Starns and Deputy Chief Greg Gillespie. The division maintains a staff of 22 sworn officers certified in the State of Ohio with police authority. Sworn personnel are assigned to Administration, Patrol, Investigations, or Communications. In addition, we have multiple civilian staff members who assist with operations. The division is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Message from the Chief:

Welcome to the City of Grandview Heights Division of Police. The Division comprises 22 sworn officers who proactively and extensively train year-round to deliver the highest quality services to our community members.  

As Chief, I am committed to the Division engaging with our residents, visitors, and business community regularly. The relationships we build in the community are paramount to fulfilling our mission. You will see our officers routinely driving throughout the city, on foot patrol, bike patrol, in our schools, and at community events.  

The Grandview Heights Division of Police strives to maintain public trust and confidence through shared information, education, honesty, integrity, fairness, and ethical behavior. We will work to preserve the rights of each citizen as we protect and serve on a daily basis. 

I value community feedback. You may reach out at any time by calling (614) 488-7901 during business hours. We have also made it easy to report criminal activity or safety concerns through Grandview Heights 311.


Ryan Starns

Chief of Police

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) responds to information requests made by the media and community regarding specific incidents that may be of interest and is the primary contact for the Grandview Heights Division of Police. The PIO is on call for significant events that may generate increased community or media attention. 

If the Public Information Officer is unavailable at the time of your inquiry, please ask to speak with the supervisor on duty.

Public Information Officer Aubrey Hale

Phone: (614) 488-7901

For general inquiries, please contact Community Liaison Sergeant Janna Cohill at (614) 488-7901.