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Planning Commission Public Comment Form


    Adjacent property owners of a property that is the subject of a Planning Commission application have been served with certified mail notices of this hearing and are considered to have standing. Those property owners with standing may either submit comments in writing below or present their comments during the Planning Commission meeting. For those persons submitting comments via this form, the commenter’s name, address, and subject of comments will be read into the public record and the full comments will be attached to the official minutes of the meeting. All online comments must be received a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting (by 7 pm on the day prior to the Planning Commission meeting).  Comments received after that time will be included in the record but will not be taken into consideration as part of the Commission’s deliberations. The meetings are recorded and will be available on the City’s website after the conclusion of the hearing.

  2. The hearing will be structured as outlined below:

    1.             Applicant will present their case including any relevant documentation shared on the screen.

    2.            Staff will present a report.

    3.            Adjacent property owners with standing will be asked to provide their comments.

    4.            Those not withstanding will be asked to provide their comments.

    5.           The Commission will discuss and take action on the case.

    6.            The Commission will move on to the next case or agenda item, and the applicant may depart.

  3. I am an adjacent property owner with standing and would like to receive a Zoom invitation to speak.*
  4. You may submit written comments here to be attached to the record if you do not wish to speak in-person at the meeting. Your name, address, and house number will be read by the Clerk at the meeting)
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